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1st Cut Pro

The easiest way to bring Live Scoring and a Live Leaderboard to your outings!
Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional scoring software and hello to a seamless experience for all!

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No Login, No Download = Instant Access and Perfect Participation

Tired of dealing with outdated scoring software during your outings? Customers asking for Live Scoring and you can't find an easy solution? Well, the wait is over. Participants can simply scan a QR code, pick their team, and voila! They're ready to score, post pics, and check out the leaderboard. Say goodbye to the headache and hello to the fun with 1st Cut Pro!

Outing Management at your fingertips

Easy to use admin features are essential for ensuring smooth and successful events. With our admin features you can:

  • Manage large outings with mass participant upload​

  • Grant your customer admin access for added convenience and peace of mind

  • Enter scores efficiently at the end of the event

  • Keep everyone engaged and keep an eye on the action with our Clubhouse Leaderboard

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