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  • How do I create an outing?
    Download the app Create your account Search for the course you'll be playing Name your outing Select your date Select your outing type "Singles or Teams" Select how many teams or singles you'll have Complete your setup!
  • Do you support net handicap scoring?
    Currently we only support basic stroke play scoring. Handicap scoring is on our backlog and hope to launch in an upcoming release!
  • Do other people I invite need to have the app?
    Nope! When a user receives an invite they'll be taken to our mobile web interface that provides them with all of the functionality they'll need to score and capture moments during your outing! If they would like to create an outing of their own they'll need to download the app from the iOS App Store.
  • I invited someone via email but they don't see the invite. What do I do?
    Ask them to check their Spam or "Promotions" Folder of their email If they're still unable to find it, try sending the invite via text.
  • I received a txt message that says "Welcome to 1st Cut Outings!" Is that legit?"
    Yes! Users will see invites coming from a 205 area code.
  • What's the difference between Singles and Teams?
    Singles Stroke Play - One score per player! Team Stroke Play - One score per team! Invite multiple people per team. All can submit scores and pictures as the same team! Scores are kept in sync across all users to ensure no overlap!
  • Does 1st Cut Outings support shotgun starts?
    Yes! Users can simply navigate to the hole they are starting on by selecting the dropdown on the Scoring page! (see image below)
  • I created a teams outing but I don't have the option to submit a score on the score page.
    If you are the user that created the Teams Outing you will need to "Invite" yourself to a team. Simply navigate to the team you wish to be on and send yourself and invite!
  • I have a ton of teams to create and manage. Is there a version that makes that easier?
    At the moment, all outing mangement will need to be done within the mobile app interface. We are currently working on plans to build a management experience that would introduce new tools for Outing Administrators to set tee sheets, team names, shotgun positions, etc... If you're interested in this feature, please send an email to to get on our BETA tester list!
  • What are moments?
    Moments are where you can capture pictures of your group and other groups and tag them to a specific hole! We're also working on an additional feature that would deliver a slideshow of highlights from your outing! If you're interested in learning more and becoming a BETA tester, please send an email to
  • Is multi-round available for 1st Cut Pro?
    Multi-round is currently not available with our Pro version but is currently being considered. Stay tuned!
  • 1st Cut is great why did you build Pro?
    Pro is a platform designed specifically for Golf Courses to enhance their outing offering. It aims to simplify the process of bringing live scoring to their outings, making them more engaging and ultimately increasing outing sales. By utilizing 1st Cut Pro, Golf Courses can provide a more interactive and enjoyable experience for their customers while also streamlining the administrative aspects of managing outings. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased outing revenue for the Golf Courses.
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